Meeting Minutes April 2021

Cherokee Lake Users Association
April 13, 2021 Meeting Agenda
6:30 PM Call to Order

Attendees: Donna Dunn, George Proios, Leona Toll, David Toll, Jim Whiting and Julie Ross.

1. Round Table: Each of us to give an update on themselves and area they cover:
All state to continue the Association for another year.

Donna: Discussed President duties listed below.
Had 2 clean ups Mile Markers 1-3.

George: Stepping down as VP. Moving to Florida. Water testing update see below. Will contact Gilmore Marina. States they are expanding.
Leona: acceptance of Treasurer position. Will stay in touch with local groups for clean ups.

Dave l: unable to take VP position. Willing to do Recording Secretary. Update on clean ups set up. See New Events.

Jim: Has health issues. Willing to help as he can. Working on Grainger Cnty Chamber. CLUA joined with Chamber for Advertising Promo. Use of church for meetings approved. German Creek has isolated coves with cattle. Grainger County Fair Last weekend in July.

Julie: Attending local community meetings, making calls. Concerns with littering from boaters. Fisherman not adhering to rules. Many new homes being built. As President of Mallard Baye HOA she will continue to advocate and have clean up.

2. Officer positions available for VP. David Toll suggested Rose Colasuonno to take position and he be Recording Secretary. Leona accepts nomination to be Treasurer. Will take position for May.

3. Secretary’s Report: Last full meeting March 2020. Minutes on website.
• New Website started this month : Full access thru WordPress to make our own changes.

4. President – Duties for 2021
• Continue to have newspapers/ radio stations in each county to use our name more often.
• Expand our Facebook Followers
• Clean ups will remain many and small.
• Work with students for TN Promise hours- / Continuous clean ups.
• Work with Sanitation in counties for free dumpsters when needed
• Contact past and present members, network to get more members.
• Barrel Program
• Water testing Program
• Community Events – set up booths
• Attend Chamber meetings, Community Groups. Get our name out there.
• Continue to apply for grant funds. TVA and TWRRA grants accepted for 20-21 season.

5. Vice President Report: Water Bill: New officials in office. Stand still. Will keep us updated when and if anything changes.

6. Board Members Reports : Please stay in touch with your local Marina’s, Chambers and newspapers and radio stations.
• Jefferson County – Black Oak/ Cedar Hill Marina’s will continue to support us.
• Hamblen County. – Contact Hamblen Dock to do clean up. (
Need clean ups on Chandler and Bible Islands.
• Hawkins County –
( Try to contact Fall Creek Marina new owners).
• Grainger County – George will Contact Gilmore and German Creek for Clean Up dates.
Jim Whiting on Chamber Board now.
Rescue Squad will come to all our clean ups. 2 boats

7. Adopt a Barrel Report : Bruce Mueller : Leona Toll has requested a barrel. Islands need to be identified that barrel still exists on it. \

8. Treasurer Reports 2020 final / 2021 Report Jan- April 2021
Balance $141.09 + $1000 check from TWRA grant pending arrival. 2020-21 fund.
• Advertising and Radio Announcement of WDJT Credit of $200 still available.
• Assets/ Promotional items, one banner, T shirts, pens, Visors, sunscreen, key-containers and lip balm.
• Need count on lawn signs, pickers, gloves,
• To purchase” new banners, business cards, and do mailing.
• Grant request from TVA in process.

9. Water Sampling
• Start May 18th Drop off at Cooks Restaurant/ Marine Store, Bean Station before Noon
• Supplies distributed.
Need New volunteers to cover areas we are not doing now.

10. Membership :
• Email and letters to be mailed.
• Voted that Dues are now called donations. Help cut down on bookkeeping.
• In 2021 Update business sponsors. Put on website , T-shirts and new banner

11. New Business
Past events 2021:
Jan 30th : Joanne Irwin and crew of CARE NET clean up
March 13th- Black Oak Marina / JC Park clean up – Donna and Carson Newman student
March 27th: Street Fair at Carson Newman- Donna set up booth.

New Events 2021:
*April 24th- Lakeside Marina- Justin Miller, new owner donating boat. (Sykes of Morristown volunteers with Dave Toll, Gene and Donna Dunn)
* 4/17 Bob Volman , Legacy Bay
*_____________Bobbie Smith/ Joanne Irwin with CARE

* April 14th: ____ Chelaque Estates. Approx. 25 volunteers (Jody and Dave Howell still involved)
* ____________ Cherokee Campground. Bobby Phillips, owner will coordinate with Church Youth Group and Leona will organize items needed.
*_____________Black Oak Marina , Date TBD
* ____________Jim Whiting out of German Creek , Date TBD
* ____________Carson Newman University Bonner Center students clean ups Date TBD
* ____________June picnic
* August 21st __Access Life .Boat rides Cherokee Dam launch area. Boats needed
*____________Lakeway Area Association of Realtors?
*____________ Keep Hamblen/Morristown Beautiful ?
*___________ Mallard Baye Date tbd.

4/17 Hawkins County Power Cleanup day – 272-2186. Quarryville Boat Ramp, Mooresburg

New Business:
CLUA winner of the Ripple Effect Award. Given by KeepTNRiverBeautiful.

Next Meeting May 11, 2021 Please Post in your local newspapers, radio stations, chambers